Insight Public Safety and Forensic Consulting is here for those who are always there for us.  We provide specialized counseling for emergency services personnel and their family members, related to their work and home life and the variety of stressors that affect them. Including but not limited to PTSD, anxiety, addiction, depression and grief.

IPSFC also provides peer support team member training as well as training to clinical advisors and supervisors of peer support teams. We consult and facilitate confidential critical incident stress debriefings as necessary and requested by other departments.

Mission and Vision


Insight Public Safety and Forensic Consulting is dedicated to positively changing the lives of professional and volunteer First Responders involved in Fire, Law Enforcement and EMS, through individual and group counseling; building empathetic and honest Peer Support relationships within the First Response agencies we serve; and assessments to mentally, physically and emotionally benefit them in and outside of the workplace. 

Our vision is to continue to expand our Peer Support Groups to provide a mutually beneficial relationship between first responders, their departments and the communities they serve.


Meet the Team

Dr. Jennifer Prohaska 

Clinic Psychologist, Founder

Prohaska, PhD, has a postdoctoral fellowship in Neurorehabilitation Psychology and received a Bachelor of Arts, Master’s Degree and a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Kansas.
Dr. Prohaska has spent nearly two decades focused on the needs of those on the front lines.  Her passion is to help those who help others by providing the critical tools needed to navigate the stressors they experience on a daily basis.  

She has conducted extensive research on: Prevention of PTSD in First Responders; Effective Treatment Modalities for First Responders; Building Resiliency in First Responders; Modification of Empirically Supported Treatments for First Responders; New Hire Selection of Police Officers; Depression, specifically biological factors; Childhood Trauma and Resiliency

“For first responders—the firefighters, police officers, military personnel, emergency dispatchers, EMTs and others who keep us safe—work can mean close encounters with danger, chaos and tragedy, sometimes on a daily basis.  Over time, exposure to such stress can take a toll on first responders’ mental and physical health.  I’ve dedicated my professional life to help these heroes navigate the treacherous waters they encounter every day…because they deserve it.”

Brenda Grigsby  


Brenda's Bio Pic updated.jpg

Brenda has worked in the mental health field since 2004.  She is currently licensed in the state of Kansas as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  Her professional experiences include Boys Town (Omaha, NE), Marillac Children’s Psychiatric Hospital and most recently at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. 

Serving as a clinician at Shawnee Mission Medical Center for almost a decade, she served in all three Behavioral Health Programs which included the Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital, the Behavioral Health Assessment Center and the Intensive Outpatient Program.  In all three programs, she led group therapy sessions, individual therapy and family therapy sessions, along with completing psychiatric behavioral health intake assessments.  She worked in a leadership role as a Behavioral Health Clinical Manager over all three of these programs before moving directly into private practice.  In addition, Brenda has worked in the community for years co-facilitating suicide panel discussions in high schools and has presented at the LIV conferences, speaking directly about topics related to mental health, promoting emotional wellness. 

“As a family member of a First Responder, I am aware of how stress and trauma experienced on the job can take a toll on one’s professional career and personal life.  I understand how stress and trauma of the job can affect family members.”  At IPSFC, Brenda teaches healthy coping strategies to deal with day-to-day issues to address issues including anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and trauma.  She is EMDR trained and uses a variety of therapeutic approaches to promote healing.  

Catherina Kelly


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Georgia Hopwood



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